Problems with farming

I was farming successfully with flexpool for months.

After flexpool was closed, I’ve tried to switch to solo mining to avoid replotting. However, in the past three months, I’ve won exactly 0 blocks!

I see this:

Farming status: Farming
Expected time to win: 1 week and 2 days

And in the log there are a bunch of those:

10 plots were eligible for farming 7c9aba3e8b… Found 0 proofs. Time: 1.08926 s. Total 7623 plots

If I grep through all logs I have, it’s never more than 0 proofs found… I’m not sure this is just ‘bad luck’. Is there anything else I could check?


If your solo and you found more than 0 proofs, then you would of won a block. Solo is different to pooling where you find partial proofs regularly.

3 months with a 9 days estimated win time, is a long time, that’s about a 1000% effort, but not unheard of, so could just be very bad luck.

Not sure why you would need to replot, you could join Foxy Pool (or any other pool), or even use Foxy Farmer.

I do not have any suggestions on what to check. But the above log entry is normal.
When you win a block, the “Found 0 proofs” will read “Found 1 proof”.

Are you saying that you have been solo farming for three months, and only three months? Or has it been longer, but only the last three months of that time you have not won? In other words, have ever won a block since leaving flexpool?

The trouble is, my plots are non-NFT. Can I still use them for those pools?

I was winning blocks in flexpool (typically 2-10 per month), not a single one after leaving and started going solo.

Yes, Foxy Pool still runs an OG pool, although it is getting rather small compared to where it used to be.

Foxy-Pool CHIA (OG) (

and you can use the Foxy Farmer

Foxy-Farmer - Foxy Docs (

I would recommend replotting if you can though, to compressed plots.