Problems with syncing

I have problems syncing for a few weeks now. I had similar issues before but I could always fix them by simple deleting the db. I did that now already three or four times without success.
Here you can see my log, I appreciate every tip.

What version of chia? Windows or Linux? How much free space you have on your boot drive?
Go to ebay and get a Samsung EVO 500gb SSD for $50.00 so you don’t have issues.

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I’m using windows version 2.1.4 and I already use an extra 500gb M.2 drive just for the DB.

  1. Is your syncing falling behind; not staying current?
    Or does your syncing stall; not getting new blocks; your block height does not increment?

  2. What changes, if any, were made to your computer, when your syncing issue surfaced?
    Was it when you installed a new version of Chia?
    Was there a version of Chia where you did not have syncing problems?

You did not include your log.

  1. Are you wired to your router / cable modem? Or are you wireless?

Some time ago, I was wireless, and had a strong signal. Yet, I would frequently get out of sync. It would eventually correct itself, but only to repeatedly fall behind, again.

At @drhicom’s insistence, I ran an Ethernet cable, and never had another syncing problem.

  1. at some point it always stops syncing at all.

  2. I made no changes before it happend. I casually check my PC to see if everything is right and than I noticed that it stopped. I installed 2.1.4 earlier but I feel like I hade less issues with the version before as I explainded, a normal DB deletion always fixed the issue for a couple of weeks. As far as I can remeber there was no version, where I didn’t had this problem maybe with some versions it was more frequently than with others.

  3. It seems like it got cut off but now I don’t have the log anymore. currently I tried again to resync. When it fails I will copy the log.

  4. I’m wired to my router I never used a wireless connection with that PC it doesnt even have a Wifi module.

now I’m synced again after like five or six attempts. thank you for your suggestions. I’m still thinking about a way to avoid problems like that in the future. Is there anything else I can do besides using a wired connection and an extra SSD?

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Run the latest version, and reduce your peer, especially if your processor is weak.