Processes that are started on launch of GUI

Hey guys new farmer here so have a basic noob question.

I am running chia on windows on a single computer.

When I start the GUI I am wondering how many processes are started by this.

Here is what I see in the task manager:

  • Chia
  • chia
  • daemon
  • start_full_node
  • start_farmer
  • start_harvestor
  • start_wallet

I understand the chia (lowercase) are the plotter processes. But it is not clear the difference between the daemon and the start_full_node. I see multiple start_full_node proceses.

Does anyone have a simple explanation of what each process does and where the log files associated with each process is.


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I think it’s a great question but only the developers would know… you’d have to check on their keybase chat. If you find anything out come back here and document it so other people who Google for it can find it too!

If you know code, their chia-blockchain repo has really clean python code that’s fairly easy to read through.

Interesting question for sure though, I can intuitively guess at most of those, but I don’t know what the difference between the daemon and the start_full_node may be


Firebase is hit or miss and feels awkward to interject your question in middle of another conversation. Plus the software is not fun to use…