Proof of share in company using Smart Contract or Chia CAT?

Hello I’m interested with any idea, insight and suggestions, from any one.

if i want do this…

a member will get a token.
each token will have a proof this proof can be used by token holder to make a vote. (non member or member without token cannot make any vote).
each token proof also will serve as a proof to redeem some percentage of company dividend which will be transferred in xch.
no one can copy the token proof it will be as secure as blockchain.

so to achieve those goals what is better to be used ?

You realise that would most likely be classed as a security?
And all the legalities that entails?

Not trying to dissuade you, just pointing out there’s alot of legal hoops to jump through.

I don’t think anyone here knows remotely how to do that.
However, I think that CATs are to be used for company share type apps
At the least I think you would need a php “driver” website that would do the voting part

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thank you very much for your thought, I’m sorry can you please elaborate more?

i see I’m taking notes. thank you sir

If your token has profit share and voting rights, the sec ( securities and exchange commission) will likely class it as a security.
So unless you plan to not allow anyone from the states to buy your tokens, you will need to follow all their guidelines or face the wrath of the us govt.

This is interesting, i should take serious consideration for this matter. when the start up become big i think it might happens, however since now it still small and not threatening any one business i guess it will be safe as it is for a while.

I’d certainly seek legal advice before doing an ipo / ico or starting sales.

If you already started sales / the business, I’d be extremely carefull and seek legal advice ASAP.

Only takes one unhappy investor to raise it with the sec and they will act.

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yes I’d be-careful handling such matter, thank you.

This is being a nice discussion, i would like to welcome more of the idea insight and suggestions.

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