Protecting plots


I hope everything is going well. I am new to chia farming. I found some already plotted HDDs. But, I am nervous about the security of plots that are inside the HDDs. I mean, The seller can backup the plots, and after I buy them, he can use my plots. Is there any chance to secure these plots?

Thank you.

If I understand this correctly you are buying hard disks from someone that is also providing you with the service of filling those hard disks with plots created using your public keys before sending them to you.

If that is correct then you are fine - they cannot farm those plots without your private keys or pass phrase words, which you should never be providing to anyone.

If you are buying hard drives from someone that just happen to have plots on them created using someone else’s keys you will not be able to farm them, since you do not have the correct private key.

If you purchased the drives with the plots created under another key AND are getting the key then no, there is no way to secure them and the seller has access to the wallet associated with the private key they gave you.


Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, he filled with his key. So, there is no point to buy it.

I would not - at least not paying for the plots. If the price for the drives themselves is good go for it and erase them

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