PSChiaPlotter / madmax - que setup

Decided to replot for official pool but looking for help (if the feature is available) with PSChiaPlotter.

I’ve got a mix of drive sizes and i’ve got one job running which is replacing all plots on my 14tb drives. Easy done as they’re all 127 plot per drive (few are 128 but i’ll sort the ‘spares’ once done).

I’ve also got 8/12/16tb drives and want to que jobs for these as well. I’ve tested creating a new job for 8tb for example but once started it runs straight away along side the existing 14tb job which i don’t want as i’m using madmax integration.

Can you que jobs (job per drive size) so the next one kicks off once a full job is complete? eg, all 14tb drives finished replotting as per job ‘replot14’ then next job for next drive size, ‘replot8’ starts. etc etc.

Alternatively, has anyone got a ps plotmover script that will delete an existing plot from a drive directory before moving the new one over to the new directory? I’m moving final plots direct to final storage but this is soaking up 10min per plot for plot time in PSCP. If you can run a ps plotmover script that does this you could run native madmax, keep final plot on plot drive and have robocopy delete an old plot, copy over a new one and not have to think about different final drive sizing.

Current plotmover:

# Chia Plotting Automation Script 
# by Kostya

    Simple robocopy command to move files from source to destination in a continious process
    Modify as follows:
    .\chia2drive.ps1 d:\ f:\ c:\scripts\filelog.log

param (
	[string]$log = "c:\log\chia2drive.log"

robocopy $tempPath $plotPath *.plot /J /MOV /MOT:10 /LOG+:$log /TEE

I haven’t found an ideal solution, but have pieced together solutions what will work. PSchiaplotter has the potential to do everything as a single set it and forget it option but it needs some changes as you have discovered. The problem is he does it in his spare time, and hasn’t really made it for madmax. PSchiaplotter is made for OG staggered plotting.

My current solution is to have madmax do all the plots to a stagging folder on the plotting temp drive then move them to a list of drives with a script that also removes OG plots. This removes the copy time from madmax all together. Unfortunately the script assumes your OG drives are full and deletes an OG plot every time it moves a new portable plot. it will work for me since i just made the drive list to fill my empty drives first. Copy plots to various destination disks based on input files . You should be able to modify the script to your folder layout, If you are like me and are able to understand what the code is doing but don’t have the syntax knowledge to write it myself. I just did a CTRL+F in powershell ise to find and replace all the places the drive locations were used.

There are several ways of doing what so many people are right now, but I haven’t found an ideal one for windows using madmax for a list of locations. I think my next step is learning windows power automation since it seems like the way of coding scripts without having having to know the syntax. Using Windows Power Automate Desktop to move plots