PSU rating question

I have an ASRock Z590 MB, 128G 3200 DDR4 RAM, 2 internal 8T HDDs, 2 1TB SSDs and an Intel Core i5-10400.
I have now bought a 1080ti so I can have a bash at compressed plots, but only have a 450W PSU.
Do I need to upgrade it? What power rating would be recommended?
Thanks for any advice…

In my Dell T5810 I have a 685W power supply. What type of plot you thinking of making? Give it a shot.

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I’m still learning, but probably c7 if not too ambitious! Using Bladebit, which is what I have been waiting for…

Which OS are you going to use?

I am using Ubuntu cli only…

Give it a shot, It was said you need 256gb in windows to use bladebit_cuda, not sure about Linux.

Yeah, 128G RAM only using 3.1 beta on Linux at the mo. I am more worried about my PSU rating at the moment though with this new 1080ti (new to me :-)) apparently, they can draw up to 250 W when hammered… and I suspect plotting will hammer it!

So its an ATX type power supply?
. Segotep 750W Power Supply, 80 Plus Gold Full Modular PCIe 5.0 & ATX 3.0 Gaming PSU for NVIDIA RTX 20/30/40 Series & AMD GPU, 120mm Silent FDB Fan, 5 Year Warranty : Electronics
Shop around a little for the future, also try Ebay maybe.

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You probably should upgrade, a 1080ti can peak at 300 watts briefly (especially when allowed to run over power targets). Throw in the CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Storage, and you will be pushing things to the limit, so a sustained maximum load is not an ideal situation, its also why various vendors will recommend a 600 watt PSU for use with them, to ensure the rest of the system has power too. :wink:

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Yes even though it might just work, maxing out the PSU for sustained load is just not too good.
system might even crash because of it.

650W would be ok

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Thanks for everyone’s help. I have ordered a 750 watt replacement…,


I would go for the biggest psu you can afford for future upgrades just my thoughts.

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