Question about Bladebit fasted record

In the official description, it is mentioned that the fastest record of bladebit is 3 minutes and 12 seconds. I have seen this video before, but I can’t find it now. Does anyone know the address of this video? I want to see what his configuration is. I’m about to buy an R750 recently.

you may want to hold out for Plot 2.0 format. In a nutshell any old workstation/server with at least 256GB ram and a relative cheap GPU (3060) will be able to spit out plots in 3 minutes.

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Still waiting,xmas is coming soon again. But some things take time.

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yup, I just finished putting together a system for 400 euro (without GPU, waiting for more data on that). If I had a bit more patience I could have done better, also this is considering that I want a 4U case with space for actual fans instead of the noise generators inside most server cases.

If you don’t mind using actual servers I’m sure you could get it cheaper, also USA has cheaper hardware anyway compared to Europe.
One thing to consider though is that you need a way to power your GPU if it needs pcie 8/8 pin. lots of (old) servers dont have that, also expansion slot height/size is a thing to consider.

I got: Supermicro dual LGA2011 mobo, 2x e5-2650, 256gb ddr3-1600, 750W PSU , Inter-tech 4U case.

Al that’s needed is a GPU and it should be able to do full ram K32 plots in a matter of minutes


I do K32 plots in about 90 seconds using RAM and RTX4070Ti then distribute those plots to 10 HDDs simultaneously on my Farmer over 10GBit network card.

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Here is my R750 with 512GB ram , Gold Processors and writing to an Optane running Bladebit…

Thread count : 112

System Memory: 467/503 GiB.
Memory required: 416 GiB.
Allocating buffers.

Running Phase 1
Generating F1…
Finished F1 generation in 6.49 seconds.

Finished Phase 1 in 156.65 seconds.
Running Phase 2

Finished Phase 2 in 19.79 seconds.
Running Phase 3

Finished Phase 3 in 102.05 seconds.
Running Phase 4

Finished Phase 4 in 0.50 seconds.
Finished writing tables to disk in 31.86 seconds.
Finished plotting in 310.84 seconds (5.18 minutes).


Digital Spaceport had the plotting competition a couple weeks back. 189.6 seconds at the 5:25 minute mark in the video :fire:

That was old plotting way…

Capt, lets go get some beers and crab legs!!!

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At this point, yes. It’s amazing how irrelevant this is even a few months later.

This is why old workstations are such a great option.
I found a HP Z620 for 200€ and a used 3070 for 350€, the workstations comes with 2 * 6 pin power, just needed to buy 6 to 8 pin adapters.
RAM was no problem as my current server plotter has 384GB (12*32GB DDR3 LRDIMMS).
The main thing is that plotting will be a much more efficient operation, my server idles around 150W, whereas the Z620 idles around 60-70W

Can that take that much memory though? specs say only 96 supported

Indeed the specs say 96GB (=12x8GB, 8 onboard + 4 on a separate system board for a second CPU)
My guess is that at the time this thing came out, 8GB DIMMs was the maximum.
I can confirm that it works with 8x32GB LRDIMM :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love it :beers: :crab: