Question about mnemonic key after upgrade

Hello Folks,

I’m thinking there is just something going on here that I don’t know about.

I had been running 1.3.5 for a while, it had been working fine and I didn’t see a reason to change. But tonight I decided “Why not” and I upgraded to 1.6.1. Everything seems to be normal and working correctly, except every other time I’ve closed and then reopened the chia client, in the past, whether it was for an upgrade or another reason, it’s always asked me for my mnemonic key. It didn’t do that after the upgrade. I’m aware that there are ways you can get around having to manually enter the key, but I’ve never done any of that. Why didn’t it ask me for my key when opening 1.6.1?

In the lower left in settings how do you have it setup?


Depending on how you did your upgrade, the keyring file had to still be there from last time, and apparently 1.6.1 is eager to jump right back on it. That also reminds me why it is important to really wipe drives before selling them - that was pretty easy to jump right back into your wallet!

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We wipe out drives so all the data is removed, only you know what you put on the drives, but if you had banking (text files etc) you wouldn’y want to give that into away, correct?

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Absolutely something to consider as currency goes digital here, and possibly keeps me in the camp of “never sell your drive that had the operating system (or other important files).” Yes I can do a full wipe but maybe it just isn’t worth that $30 I get off ebay selling my old SSD if only for the peace of mind.

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OK, Yeah sure it’s set to Auto Login in Settings. That’s interesting though, I guess it’s set like that by default in 1.6.1, but maybe wasn’t default in previous versions?

Dban is good for that.

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Will check it out - appreciate the tip.

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