Question on Chia Keys

Hello all,

I have questions regarding the output of chia keys show. This gives me 6 keys. I am still confused as to what they actually do, so can anyone enlighten me what each of these keys are for and which do I need to write down?

  1. Master public key (m)
  2. Master private key (m)
  3. Farmer public key (m/12381/8444/0/0)
  4. Pool public key (m/12381/8444/1/0)
  5. First wallet key (m/12381/8444/2/0)
  6. First wallet address

I would like to demystify these keys

  1. What is the difference between a master public key vs. master private key vs. wallet key vs. wallet address
  2. Which one of these do I need to write down and store safely? Or do I even need to? I already secured the 24 seed phrase.
  3. What are the (m) and numbers in the bracket (m/12381/8444/0/0), (m/12381/8444/1/0) and (m/12381/8444/2/0)
  4. The most important question after question 2: Which one of these do I need to put into the config files xch_target_address to receive farming rewards?
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I will answer what I know:

Anything “private” keep to yourself and do not share.

  1. you only need the 24 words to restore everything.
  2. a wallet address*, you can use the first one, or any other receive address you generate from your keys (a wallet can have basically infinite receive addresses.
    Actually I don’t remember if it is the wallet address you have to fill in to the config or the address hash. :thinking:

Thank you for your answer.
It would be helpful if some chia Dev saw this post and one day answers all of these questions hehe.

You should read maybe this, simplified if you want to interact with some one else, you need the public key from this person. You will encrypt your message with his public key and then only he can unlock it with his private key.