Question on upgraded RAM for nossd

I was running 32 gb of RAM while plotting with nossd, and decided to upgrade to 64 gb of RAM, and now getting 15 minute plots. Only thing is it was running at 3200mhz, now it is at 2667 mhz. Why? I bought the same brand of RAM, same timings, etc. Everything is the same except the way it looks. I am doing it on a Asrock B450M Pro, Ryzen 1700 CPU. It does not have XMP options, but does allow me to check 3200 in the UEFI, but when it boots, still runs at 2667.

AMD Motherboards are really picky when all four slots filled with RAM. X570 handles it better but still difficult to get fully compatible RAM.

When was last time you updated your mobo bios version?

Mobo bios is 2021. I figured it out. I guess the Ryzen 1700 I’m running doesn’t like to run 3200 with 4 slots, only 2. Took me a couple hours to get it all figured out, but I’ll just settle with that. It’s 90% a Chia only computer anyways, so I’m not that concerned about it. Right now I am running a 3060 TI to plot with, when it’s done plotting, now I need to find a cheap GPU to mine with so I can get my 3060 TI back to mining other stuff. Thanks for the reply.

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It is possible to increase voltage on the memory controller, remain within spec (no crazy world record setting overclock insanity voltage) and get 4 sticks to run @3200. I farm on a 3950x, MSI b550 with 128gb ddr4 @3600 within spec. Do a little homework on your board. I’m sure someone can get you there.