Questions on BB Cuda plotting performance: Windows vs Linux

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum. Currently, I built an all-in-one plotting and farming workstation using RTX 3060, 256GB ram and 1TB nvme. I get 6min per plot on Windows and 3min per plot on Linux. As far as I know, Cuda computing should perform similarly on both Windows and Linux. Do you guys know what the cause is for the difference and what can be improved on Windows?

I prefer Windows to Linux because I run proprietary softwares (CAD, simulation, etc) for research besides farming.

It’s basically because the developpers are linux guys, and the code is optimized for that.

Bottom line, Linux will be faster, at least until they get round to optimizing the code for windows.

You could try plotting in wsl2 so that you can run the farmer in win, plotter in linux.
But not sure if that will get you the same speed though.

can you provide script command? i’m plotting on windows 128gb setup with 1080ti, my time is 5.5 mins, should be twice lower with 256gb. plotting performance of 1080ti and 3060 are hardly noticeable.

It is just standard command:

bladebit_cuda_a4.5.exe -t 4 -n 100 -z 6 -f xxxx -p xxxx cudaplot E:\

I measure the time from continuous plotting.

Yeah, it seems there is a lot to optimize from 5~6min per plot to 3min…

how about virtualization? I do my CAD stuff on a virtual machine.

performance is foundation, not patch as Microsoft does ever since Win 1.0 - Storage API is joke…like MS doesn’t understand SSD tech is here since 2008 or so ROFL

Linux will always be faster in IO, computing :wink:

Do not bother about Windows…I do 180s plots on old server with 512GB RAM and Debian

The GPU can not be passthroughed if it is used for chia mining…

But you will also lose performance on your video card, when you try to run everything on one machine!
Why not build a second "“second hand” machine only for plotting and farming? You don’t need a 3000er card, a 1070 1080 will do the job.

The farming cost on GPU is quite low. I did both farming and plotting at the same time with my 3060 and it is perfect fine. I have about 700TB of C6 plots.

My goal is to have an all-in-one server that do farming, plotting and other stuff like CAD 24-7. It saves costs and space. Plus, I can do everything remotely.

I had a second plotter machine before, I had to configure IMPI to turn it on/off, then configure 10GB Ethernet to move plots around. And that machine is useless to me except for plotting.

Ok personaly I wouldn’t want my business jobs or daily machine mixed up with a system that is 24/7 but go for it.