Rafts on remote hard drive

What do you think about using rafts remotely? Using standard Windows tools, we create a network drive and register it on the main machine. Is the Internet speed enough for this? If these machines are located far away, will the speed of regular Internet be enough for stable operation.

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Что с вами не так? Я создал весьма интересующий меня вопрос и хотел увидеть конструктивную критику или информацию об этом, а не пассивную агрессию основанную на национальности. Перестаньте так делать, пожалуйста.

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Использование переводчиков делает общение интернациональным. Если вам будет удобно я могу использовать английский для общения. Пусть и не особо точный.

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this is an English speaking forum, you will get better results asking questions in English even though it’s not your native language (I suspect you are Russian?).

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Все верно, я Русский. Я не думал что это имеет настолько большое значение, мой переводчик в браузере переводит все автоматически и я даже не заметил что это англоязычный форум. Впредь буду использовать переводчик.

I don’t have a translator on by default (even though I’m not a English native speaker either).

To answer your question, it’s a bad idea.
But you can put a harvester node on a remote location and reference this node to a farmer on your location. You can consult the documentation on this subject here:

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My brother used to have two farms, one at his house, the other at his girlfriends. Both properties are connected by a VPN. One day the farmer at one stopped working, as a quick fix he shared the drives to the other farmer, and it’s stayed like that ever since. He does have fast Internet connections though, one is symetric gigabit, the other 500/120 IIRC.

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It wasn’t exactly like that…
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Unfortunately, I spent the whole night without sleep trying to start the second harvester. I even completely copied everything related to chia to the new harvester, including certificates, I tried not to copy but to install them via the command line as in the instructions. Everything is fine in the graphical interface, the rafts are visible, there is synchronization, but the pool did not see these rafts. I’m back to the idea of remote hard drives. At the moment everything is working and the latency is approximately 2.607 s. I’m not even particularly sure how to correctly ask the question about the reasons for what might not work in the harvester setup. There are only a couple of commands in PowerShell, it would be difficult to make a mistake. I would really appreciate potential ideas for solving a problem like this.

First are you on windows? Then I will respond with more information that has worked for me.

That’s right, I use windows on all my home machines.

I install chia on the machine, it has synced to proper level, shut down chia then copy the .chia and .chia_keys folder to a USB disk for backup. Install chia on another machine, don’t launch. Copy the .chia and .chia_key folder to that machine. Don’t launch, copy the
to c:\files\ca then run,

cd C:\Program Files\Chia\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon
then run .\chia.exe init -c c:\files\ca\ this will create a new set of certs (machine ID)
Now you can edit the config.yaml to make this machine a harvester and have a backup of the whole deal if needed.

All right. That’s exactly what I was doing. However, this did not give any result. I checked the openness of port 8447, turned off the firewall, but even a complete copy of everything related to chia did not work. So… this machine generally does not work as a harvester. I’m starting to suspect that there’s not enough power, but people have been running this on Raspberry Pi. And this unit has an Intel(R) Core™ i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz and 16GB of RAM. Oh, and maybe it’s also because I use gigahorse. I don’t know if this could have affected the main interface, but maybe this information is just as important.

You have to set your router to forward port 8444 to your PC that’s running your chia farmer with static IP address.
You can check this with Checking port 8444 on (portchecker.co)

It was really unexpected. I’ve checked everything. Just like always, and port forwarding, and upnp, and in general everything except legal. That’s what it says: 2024-03-12T02:38:42.927 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: ERROR Exception fetching qualities for M:\Plots_C18\plot-k32-c18-2023-12-23-17-08-fd179d40a1d51d7e0f8c49698f0c5892fb26e13c9c9370c3aa63211447c2a626.plot: recompute for this level not supported on given hardware PlotInfo(prover=<chiapos.DiskProver object at 0x00000220487E6170>, pool_public_key=None, pool_contract_puzzle_hash=<bytes32: b94262d62640b42c1fa90dae34f2ef1762a42cfa7bb71a4dccd580843761d68f>, plot_public_key=<G1Element 8b936d64a7d61303f9f9834384914f5d1743eb4456bb1d5d74fb96f646c8fa0fec9061613d10bc432aa92468f4a54488>, file_size=64070661432, time_modified=1703334095.8693948)