Raid 0 on dell server - plotting to spinning disks - is it an advantage?

If I have multiple spinning disks in a server and I intend to plot to them as temp drives (I don’t want to destroy SSDs - though I might make a ramdrive just to see how fast it can go) would setting them up as raid 0 to speed up access improve plotting times? I have 8 drives so can make 4 raid 0 striped pairs to plot to in parallel and one ramdrive.

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this is what i do with 8 SAS 600GB drives, i found raid0 on 4 drives is the sweet spot for read/write speeds for my Dell R610 running Unraid, controller Dell H200 it-mode, CPU are Dual X5675, 128Gb ram.

I run 9 plots in parallel, it takes about 16-20 hours per plot, not the fastest, but free using my older hardware that i had lying around.

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For TEMPORARY drives:
In EVERY test I have made vs RAID 0 (SAS 7200 & 10K - 4-8 drives) , 1 plot per drive, but multiple drives in parallel plotting, exceeds the plotting throughput of RAID 0 by 30% or more

I now use 8 drives, 8 plots in parallel - 1 per drive - no RAID

For a DESTINATION drive it has an advantage shortening the time to write to the destination

About 15h on SAS 7200 drives (1 per drive - no RAID) - i have some more 10k incoming - they will be a LITTLE faster

It may vary depending on your memory (OS disk buffering) or hardware cache if using hardware RAID