RAID 0 Windows (striped dynamic volume) / bios raid (AMD RaidExpert2)

Hello, i have 2x Patriot Viper VP4100 2TB on AMD TRX40 platform. Id want to use both in RAID0 and i like to know, which solution si better. Any opinions? (TRIM support, etc…)

I’ve heard arguments for both windows and bios raid, in the end, you’ll need to do your own testing to see which one is better. Some hardware raid controllers are bad, some are good.

There is one issue that you may not know about with the VP4100’s. Look at this graph here:

The VP4100 suffer’s a big performance decrease after 175GBs written. Each plotter does 1.4TBW to generate one plot. You might have a big bottleneck on your hands. More discussion about this can be found here:


Thank you for info. Now i have to do some research, how much my plotting can be faster with better drives. At this time im doing 12 plots paralel around 7h 15m each. Im sure it can be faster, but from what i read dependencies between plotting time and writing speed isnt linear. (spinning rust vs. SSD vs, NVME) Im not sure if any upgrade can be reasonable from price perspective…

What software is that for that report? looks good!

This one:

Its for monitoring plotters from the log files.

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