RAM Drive With Old 8 gb Modules

I have access to a lot of 8gb sticks of RAM. Is
there any way to build it up to a 1tb size for plotting?

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Please dont waste your time.


I had to look for curiousity sake and apparently there is a 32 slot motherboard (gets you 25% of the way there) in the wild but my google skills are failing me. Also, the energy invested in this could yield more fruit working a GPU into a more traditional plotter.

I’d sell the 125 sticks of ram at market price, take that $900, and buy more appropriate gear (agreed with the doctor).


I’ve had same ideas.
To make it real you need a server mobo with proper support of memory ranks.
I have Dell T620 with 768gb of ram and using 420gb as temp storage for plots because I’m doing gpu plotting.
But you can do it entirely in ram but it’s will take like 30-35min per plot compared to 3 min plots with gpu.

So as conclusion to make it happen it’s really dependent on what memory you have and mobo what you are planning to use for it.
Also it’s required to have all the same memory sticks across the system.

Good luck with your project! Hope you will make it happen


420GB 4 plots temp drive. Do the destination drives fast enough to accept copying out? Thanks.

It’s 5 per 420Gb if c7 plots.
You have 2 options
Plow to 2-4-6 drivers simultaneously(depends on your drives) or
Set sleep delay for plotter that matches your speed consumption.

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