RAM recommendations

I’m building a dedicated Chia plotter with a 5950x and want to ask about RAM recommendations. Do you think speeds up to 4200 are worth it for plotting? Or stay around 3200 and go for 64GB? Can’t wait to start using all those cores plotting!

Definitely go for more if you can. Here are the limit formulas.

  • CPU is limited by this formula: (Cores + Threads)/2
  • RAM is limited by this formula: (Total System RAM)/3400
  • Temp Space is limited by this formula: (Total Temp Space)GB/256GB
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Does RGB help with plotting times? ᶦᵐ ˢᵒ ˢᵒʳʳʸ


I don’t think RAM speed matters very much. My Ryzen 5950x is running at a horrible 2400Mhz, even though I spec’ed it from cyberpower as 3000Mhz… sigh… every attempt to raise it resulted in bluescreens and crashes so I left it at “auto speed” for my own sanity.

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I have purchased nicer RAM (3200mhz rated name brand) and my plotters work OK at 3000 Mhz. I’m a little gunshy of doing 3200 mhz…