Release: Simple Guided Walkthrough Program To Test Your Chia Farm

Source code etc can be found here

Direct download for releases for people that don’t know github

It is a guided walk through of all of the chia system health checks you need to make sure chia is actually farming. By request making it as “idiot proof” as possible.

If you guys are running an older client, you should upgrade but I do have a release on git hub for client 1.1.6. Can’t add more then 2 links as new user, you can find it under the releases.

I originally posted on reddit, just wanted to get a little more exposure here.
(can’t post another link cause I’m new, ohh well, you’ll find it on the chia reddit if you want more input from other users)

For mac and Linux users, a new user submission has just been made and added to the git hub page. If you can’t read the code or confirm working status on each OS you might want to wait until the community has reviewed it and confirmed for each OS. I will push releases on github per OS as confirmations come in.

Direct link here - Release Chia Health Checker for client v1.1.7 - PI, Linux, Mac · rtm125/chiahealthchecker · GitHub

Code review here - chiahealthchecker/ at main · rtm125/chiahealthchecker · GitHub
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Really bro? Is it all you could find on the internet?

netstat -anon | grep 8444
chia plots check -n 30
chia plots check -n 10
chia plots check -l -n 0
chia farm summary
chia start farmer
chia stop farmer
chia keys show
chia farm summary

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It removes users needs to enter a single command or touch code though. People on reddit really wanted a simple check tools process.

You should try it out, it’s really not for people that know how to run commands but it does bring all of the chia tools into a easy to use user experience for checking your farm. It’s for Chia people that don’t know how to even run a command. You also forgot the part of navigating to chia root :wink:

I am working on a revision to add a few more options requested by users and tidy up the wording etc. Pretty small stuff.

A pretty advanced user ended up liking it enough to make a port for linux, mac and PI as well. That is availible on the github as a beta since I don’t use any of those OS’s. I’ll probably be pushing that to a release shortly as users on reddit have confirmed it’s working on PI and linux, still no Mac tests though.

Heres the reddit link if you wanna check it out.

version 2.0 is now released, adds a few more features. Fixes the plot bug checker running both quick and full versions, added credits to contributors and made it more human readable.

Full notes are in the readme on git hub, new version code and download here

Old versions are left in place and commented as outdated to make code compare easier on github

Linux and Pi versions are tested, still need a Mac person to confirm but will most likely move this to a release Sunday as well. You can find that version in the releases marked as beta.