Remember the good ‘ol Days?

Back when net space was like 150 PiB?

That was fun.

When did you start plotting?

What’s the most interesting/valuable thing you’ve learned since starting to figure this all out?

With apologies to the storage experts out there. I had no idea storage device brands vary so much in quality.

I also never had ANYTHING that I’ve tried to do with tech that made it so interesting to try and optimize a machine for end to end throughout. Doesn’t really matter what machine I look at, now I think about how long it would take for it to finish a plot and how many could it do in parallel…


Oh, I definitely did. Big time.

What truly surprised me is what absolute :poop: is being passed off as USB to NVMe controller chipsets. Most of the controllers out there can barely finish a single plot, much less two simultaneous plots.

Apparently most people only use USB → NVMe controllers to do really simple file copying, because otherwise there would be rioting in the streets. It’s real bad.

Also, I never really appreciated how slow gigabit ethernet is relative to everything else in a modern computer. It is balls slow! It makes me want 2.5gbps minimum ethernet on every computer like, yesterday. That’s why I was so excited the Phantom Canyon NUC, and this Ryzen B550 mini-itx I just built up, had native 2.5gbps ethernet.