Remote Harvester not showing in full node

HI , I had this setup 1 full node + 1 remote harvester working fine before i updated to 1.1.4 .

Now the the harvester is not showing in the full node Advanced Options harvester network GUI ,

but i do see under farm tab under “Last Attempted Proof” the qty of plots on the remote harvester.

any idea what it could be the problem ?

The GUI and CLI tools don’t have robust support for remote harvester monitoring (aka none). The only way I’m aware of to confirm the activity right now is to set the chia debug level to INFO and watch the debug logs on the farmer and the harvester.

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This video is super helpful for setting up remote harvesters. You only need to watch the last couple minutes to see how he makes sure everything is running properly.

Similar issue was discussed here: Harvester network not show other harvester · Discussion #2570 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub
The solution: “re-login by click Keys->Choose your key”


What video? Nothing in your post.

I’m guessing this one?

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Oops, paste didn’t work. You are exactly right.

Thx for the hint. That worked great for me. :+1: