Remote plotting service?

Hi chia community,

I have some data center resource idling, with high power CPUs and DC grade NVMe drives. However I don’t really want to mine chia myself. If I offer remote plotting service, will any of you interested in that?

I will only need two public keys to do the plotting, so you wallet will not be touched. After the plotting is done, I can make it ready for download since I also have a lot of bandwidth available. Shipping drive is not needed.

Right now I have a few high volume customers who can pull around 40TB per day, but I still got some capacity left. The limit factor here is mostly how fast you can download the plots.

Is there anyone with fast internet interested in this kind of service?


I definitely think it’s an interesting service to provide, especially with the systems you seem to have access to.

What are you thinking price-wise? I’ve seen others offer this type of thing around $20/TB

I suggest this stuff should go in the buy/sell/trade/services category :wink:

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Would be interested what price are you looking at for 20TB?

I’d be interested in buying some depending on price. I have lots of slow storage but still trying to get a plotting build put together. What’s your pricing?