Renaming .tmp to .plot, rather than copying the .tmp to .plot

(my question is near the end)

Chia plotting completes the 100GB file with a .tmp extension.
It then copies the file to its final destination, and maintains the .tmp extension.

Upon a successful copying to the final destination, Chia renames the .tmp file to a .plot file, and the source .tmp file gets deleted. That ends the process, completely.

I am seeking a way to tell Chia to not copy the file, and to simply rename it to .plot in its current location.

Even if the temp directory is the same as the destination directory (both on the same mount point), Chia still copies the .tmp file.

Is there a way to tell Chia to do a simple rename and avoid the copying?

I understand the perils of running out of tmp plotting space. My question is based on occasionally wanting the plotting process to end, without waiting minutes for the copying to end, and I will manually transfer the completed plot at my convenience.

Thank you.

It’s my understanding that if the second temp and temp folder are the same folder, it does a rename.

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I will try that. Thank you.

Isn’t it 2nd temp and final folder to be same?

I believe there was (maybe still is?) a bug in that the path for stage two of the plot and the destination must be EXACTLY the name.

If you had something like this

-2 d:\plots -d D:\plots

That would result in a copy.

If you had it like this

-2 d:\plots -d d:\plots

That would result in a rename, simply because the paths are exact.

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The “case sensitive” aspect of the -d value and the -d Value is probably a Linux thing.
Linux is case sensitive (Windows is not). So the Chia programmers probably did not want to spend time writing code that exempts Windows from being literal.

The Chia programmers probably check for an exact match between the two directories, and that is what determines copy vs rename.

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