Replotting of OG plots

Every body is talking about replotting of OG plots. What exactly is replotting? Can anyone please tell me how to do it with Mad Max and how much time does it take.

It’s just making new plots.

Delete old plots to make space and then create new (NFT) plots to fill the space again. In Madmax you now use -f (farmerkey) and -c (pool_contract address) instead of -f and -p.

There are some scripts and stuff out there to automate it I think but I just manually format a hdd and make new plots on it

Great! Thanks a lot.

How to get the pool contact address?

after you create an NFT, you can hover over the question mark next to the name, it will give you the contract address

Are you a new Chia user who just joined from July 7 onwards? Then you don’t need to re-plot.

Re-plotting are for those who have plots created before the pooling protocol was released last July 7. These are plots created between March 17 (Chia launch) and July 7 (pool launch). If you have not plotted between these timeframes, then you don’t need to re-plot.

Unless of course you installed the old version before July 7th.

Yes most of my plots are after July 7. Then what do I need to do to add them to a pool.

That is factually incorrect. You can create OG plots in 1.2.x version of Chia. The way to create the OG plots is to simply not have an NFT or when creating the plots, not select an NFT.

But why would anyone do that? They shouldn’t because you can create a solo NFT and plot to that instead. If you did a solo NFT, then you could convert the solo NFT into a pooling NFT and move all the plots tied to that NFT to whatever pool.

In order for your plots to be poolable, you would need to have made them using a pool contract address. If you made them with the -f and -p keys then they are old, non-poolable, OG plots. Useful only for solo farming or use with unofficial pooling systems like Hpool.

The -c pool contract address is, perhaps confusingly, not issued by a pool, it is created on your machine when you create a plot NFT. This is a token that allows the creation of linked plots, you can then point your plot NFT and all the plots that have been produced using it (assuming they are accessible from that machine or a farmer/harvester linked to it), at any official protocol pool of your choice. If you win you get 0.25xch and the pool gets 1.75 to share out. You will get regular payouts based on your contribution.

If you want to use the plots to self pool, effectively solo farm, then you unlink the plot NFT from a pool. For completeness, you can also create multiple plot NFTs if you want to be able to have groups of plots in different pools. However, it is not recommended to do this unless you have a specific plan, as it creates complexity you might later regret.

You cannot move plots from one plot NFT to another, in the same way you could not move a plot from one key to another, they are made with the cryptographic link to the keys used to plot them intrinsic to the plot.

So you may need to replot if you have not created a plot NFT yet and plotted plots with the -f and -c (pool contract address) that it generates if you wish to join an official pool, or have the ability to join one later.