Ridiculously Slow Plotting speed [All of a Sudden]

My Plotting speed was around 25 Plots per day [in 1 pc], that includes a 1TB and 2TB nvme. It was good for some time, for the past 1 week or so, Im getting only 15 Plots per day with same setting and hardware. I couldnt find the problem yet. Here’s my specs

Ryzen 9 3900 XT
1x 1TB MP600 nvme
1x 2TB MP600 nvme

For 2 TB nvme, I was plotting 6 in parallel with a delay of 60-90 Minutes. Plot time per plot was 35000 Sec Approx.

For 1 TB nvme, I was plotting 3 in parallel with a delay of 85 Minutes. Plot time per plot was 30000 Sec Approx

But now, my plot speed is more than 42000 Sec for all the drives. Its ridiculously slow. All the time, I was using 12 threads of my CPU and a 6000 MB RAM.

I couldnt find the issue, checked the CPU temp. it was around 69 C. SSD Temp are below 50, most of the time. Please give solutions. Thanks in advance.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A trim problem maybe?

Have you tried reformatting the nvme drives and start again?


Yes, I did, No change anyways

Try retrimming every hour with this powershell script:

while($true) {
Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter Q -ReTrim -Verbose
Start-Sleep -Seconds 3600

Put your nvme drive letter instead of “Q”

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Like the others, I suspect there’s an issue with the NVMe drives.

Try swapping out the drives and see if that changes anything.


Can you elaborate on your plot settings(how are you using 12 threads (you have 24). How are you 94Gb ram? 64gb?. Did ram speed revert to 2133 or 2400 in bios? Double check your xmp or manually OC of ram.

25… And therefore 15 plots is low. For reference I have 3900x, 32gb ram(3600mhz). 2 WD SN750 1TB (4 plots each) and 1 HP EX920 1tb(3 max). My cpu hovers around 60% with a few dips and spikes , but generally not peaking past low 90s, 4 max phase 1(or was it 5…i have slowed plotting as I am almost out of storage)

Windows 10’s taskmgr will show you how much reads and writes are going to your NVMe drives, as well as CPU usage and memory usage.

If you are using Linux, there are tools that are equally good, and probably better.

Do you know the values for the above, when from before things slowed down?

Did you check to see if some other process might be running away, consuming CPU cores?

And I have to ask… Did you reboot?

Did this in my other PC [Ryzen 5 3600, 1x 2TB MP600 GEN3 MOBO], Significant improvement with 5 Plots in Parallel. Earlier it took, 12-13 hours for a single plot. For now, it is around 7-8 hours. Good Improvement. Going to implement in my main Plotter and let you know

Its 94GB RAM [May be its 96GB, I didnt see it correctly]. Didnt tweak anything in the bios. It is as it was like ever. It was 25 Plots per day earlier. Now, plot times are taking an avg of 12 Hours. Im waiting for existing plots to finish this evening, then I will apply the trim script [@PrudentAd ] and let you know the results. I was using 12 threads like I said, Now Im going to put 8 threads and 6000 MB RAM. I will let you know the results shortly.

Yes, Rebooted! Thing is the write speeds are always fluctuating, sometimes it was around 1000MB and sometimes less than 500MB. But mostly it was around 175-300 MB. Now it seems a little low but crystaldisk shows the correct sequential speeds.

Probably 96Gb ram then(64+32). Thats alot of ram for Ryzen. Not that it cant handle the raw amount. But it likely cant run at xmp with that many sticks. Do you need that much ram?

If you didn’t touch anything, your ram will be running at its “safe” defaults. 2400mhz I believe. Which is slow. Ryzen gets noticeable performance boosts from fast ram. Most common ram kit speeds are 3200 atm… But you have to enable xmp in bios. It doesn’t auto to those speeds.

However, 96GB of ram are not likely to get fast speeds.
You can try enable XMP, but might run into stability problems. If so, enable XMP and then manually turn down the ram speed until stable.

The 64GB kit probably will run fine at xmp… But running 2 large kits of ram… Might have issues running XMP


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Super simple explanation is extra load/noise on memory controller with that many dimms(actual ranks…aka memory chip banks)

32 and 64gb kits should be dual rank each… So quad rank combined.

A 32GB dimms only recently got above 2666 speeds, like last 3-4 months( a 2x32 64gb kit)

So if your xmp is 2666… Probably no problem running xmp.

But if you have 3600 ram… It is technically overclock speeds so YMMV on whether it reaches it.

3200 is still the official supported speed by AMD. But that isn’t a guarantee as that is more mobo and ram vendors area.

What speed is your ram set to atm?

The nvmes do degrade after a while of heavy usage

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Trimming did improve the speed but not much. 2TB and 1TB nvme in the same mobo caused me all those delays and lags. Now using Madmax and its really faster with my Ryzen 9 3900X. 1TB alone gives me an avg of 32 plots per day.

did this get resolve? I had a problem like this after restarting halfway thru a plot…the stuff on my plotting drive stayed, reducing the available space and shutting down plotting until I formatted it again. Apologies if this is absurdly simplistic.


If you just stop (close) plotting with the classis plotter, or madmax, all the files remain on your tmp drives. You must manually delete them or reformat the drive. Better way with the classic plotter is to cancel the plot (in the GUI), then all the cleanup is done for you.

Sorry that I didnt update. The problem solved! I tried almost all everything, and no luck initially. Then I did a clean Install [OS], the problem didnt solve then. Then, I updated the windows to up to date, all of a sudden the plotting speeds are back to normal. I think it may be due to the windows update!

Im not exactly sure because I have tried many bios versions, many driver version but I cant say exactly which one solve the problem. Im almost certain, its the windows update.

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my suspicion is that there is something going on in Windows that is the culprit. However its not clear if OP is plotting with mad max, or with the official plotter. In any case you should be using mad max. My best suggestion is to try plotting under Linux instead, I got >2.5x speedup in Linux after my Windows plotting slowed down like this.

Also I gotta disagree with the comments regarding the 96GB RAM being an issue. RAM speed is pretty much irrelevant, especially with mad max. Its almost certainly guaranteed to not be anything to do with XMP, memory controllers, chip ranks, etc… Remember, some of the fastest mad max plot times were all in memory on DDR3 systems.