Ryzen 9 3900X Slow Plotting in Madmax

PC Specs

Ryzen 9 3900X
4 x 32GB Corsair Vengence RAM
2 x 2TB Corsair MP600
Madmax Plotter

I used RAMDISK as temp 1 and nvme as temp 2. Plot times are used to be 32 Min. I overclocked my RAM to 3000MHZ and CPU core to 4.25 [Using Ryzen Master]. Got to format my pc due to a faulty hard disk.

Now my plot time is more than 40 min. Same config in the bios and ryzen master too. PC crashes randomly. Tried many settings, still slow. Any suggestions??

nvme is being trimmed periodically and nvme is 85% healthy.

Need help.

Is it the CORE model? MP600 CORE is QLC, it’s trash for plotting. You need TLC SSDs.

Been using for months, not at all an issue. Infact my fastest time per plot is 29.5 Min. Now, I dont know whats the error, hence asking.

you mean the other way around right? (ramdisk should be -2 )
anyway since your times where fine before so something else is up I guess.

First thing I would try is reset the bios to default, re-install OS and run without ryzen master. See what you get in terms of times and then try to improve again from there.

I think starting over in this case is more economical than trying to identify a specific problem.

Another thought, could it be that you now have a different/newer version of Madmax?
I didn’t really investigate at the time but it seemed to me that after I installed the version that included the -K switch, I had to change my madmax settings around to get the same result as I was getting before.

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Chia 123, MadMax 015

-t SSD -2 RAMDisk -d HDD

Plots in 2200s on Windows.

Tbh I am shocked how slow Ramdisks can be! Plotting on one 980 Pro as both Tmp1 and Tmp2, 2X16Gb Corsair Vengeance 3600 and a 3900X. I get 27.66 minutes per plot. Default Madmax parameters, 24 threads. Never trimmed NVME (using ext4 on Linux) and health is at 165%!!

Did you overclock 3900x? I used to run stock cpu clocks with boosted RAM. Now I tried all the settings, no luck. I think, Phase 1 is taking the most time. [1500 Sec]. Earlier it was around 950-1080 sec

I change the bios config for AMD Precision Overdrive from Auto to Enabled. No OS side overclocking.

Hmm, tried that too. I cant digest the fact that the plotting was faster just a couple of days ago and now I couldnt even find out what’s wrong.

Is the machine able to run Aida64 system stability test, or mprime torture test, for about an hour without errors?