Sabrent Plotripper SSDs

Exciting news from Sabrent : Plotripper | Sabrent

The 2TB version has an endurance rating of 54,000 TBW.

Anyone know how favourably that compares to enterprise NVMe SSDs?

Take a look at the wiki…

Looks to be right up there with the Intel P3700 with TBW of 43800.

Now I don’t think TBW would be the only criteria of an enterprise device, but it sure is good for the Chia use case.


Big question will be, how much it will cost
And the write speed of course.


Another question is if it will actually ever be produced. I worked at an IT component manufacturer, sometimes they announce things just to gain exposure for the brand and/or to get feedback from the market.

I’m fairly certain they are taking an 8TB drive, peeling the sticker off, and putting on a 2TB one and saying the endurance went up by 4x.

Maybe a few extra memory chips got added but the price will really tell the story.

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sustained write speed please