Scam alert, need help reporting

Somebody reported a chia scamsite( on reddit.
The registrar is namecheap, who doesn’t take it down(as usual)
The malware instal file is hosted at mega, they took it down in less than 5min after report. Later the scammer updated the link to a new mega hosted file, that I reported again, they took it down again, and today same again.
Since I have other things to do, It would be good if other could give a hand and rereport to mega when the scammer updates the download link.
The domain can also be reported to namecheap but they really don’t give sh**, last time I reported a very large scam targeting my bank, and even my bank chouldent get it down for 10 days. Read this discussion I had with somebody from them to know their policy on scamers.
Asking publicly on facebook, twitter, truspilot, …that they stop this scam may help if enough people do it and they think it may be bad for their public image…
Sorry could not put the report emails here, new users can only put to links


Just sent an abuse report ticket to namecheap. Let’s see if they take the domain down.
Also reported to google search.


Update: the scamer changed the link again, I reported it to mega and they took the file down again, its the 5th time I think, I lost track… Somehow this has become my new part time job, please take 1 minute to report it, this scams devaluate the currency we are mining…
I realy f**king hate scammers…


New trojan on Release 1.1.5 Chia Blockchain 2021-05-09 · Chia-worker/chia_new · GitHub can somebody with a github account report it to github please?

Reported to github as potential malware.

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It is still up on github(14h), keep on reporting!!