Seagate 25TB drives

Just when I could not afford 22TB drives, along comes:

Did Toni drop off some cash, so you could buy those drives for $340.00

Host managed SMR. Who can even run these drives?

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Here in the UK 18TB drives for $175 (about £140) is something I dream about. Extra £30 postage, but still a lot cheaper.
New drives are £270(ish) pounds here (~$340)…
So the question is how reliable is a re-certified drive? Has anyone imported drives from the US->UK and got hit with VAT? That would take it up to £204, still cheaper but…

You’ll definitely get hit with import duties 20% plus fees, no doubt about it.


I recently imported three 20TB recertified drives, got hit with 20% vat and £12 handling charge as expected, carriage was £45.

Drives started off at $175, and came to £235 per drive all in.

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I believe btrfs can handle HM-SMR drives.

Yes there’s import costs and VAT to add when bringing into the UK.
I’ve got manufacturer (Western Digital) recertified 14TB SATA drives here if your looking.
Can do for £150 if you take a few.
18 Month warranty.

That’s a bit on the small side, just selling off my last three 14TB drives, which I replaced with 20TB.

If you get 20TB plus then let me know, might be interested.

Not a bad price especially with 18 months warranty though.

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Western Digital’s warranty is effectively non-existent.

When you try to get a failed drive replaced, you will be in for the ride of your life.
Be prepared to spend a few hours, each week, for weeks, dealing with them.

It will likely take 2 or so months, before you get a replacement… and that is assuming you have the time and the patience to stay with it.

Western Digital will hit you up for a $25 “convenience” fee (otherwise known as "got you by the balls fee) to expedite your warranty claim. Meaning, if you purchase a new drive, they ship right away. If you pony up the $25 fee, they supposedly ship right away. So they actually can ship right away. Don’t pay the $25 fee, then your warranty is only as good as your endurance and your blood pressure.

And check the fine print, as Western Digital will use any conceivable reason to deny your warranty claim. Does the warranty carry over to a new person, or is the warranty valid only for the person that can show a receipt as the original purchaser?

Short of a 50% discount, I will never purchase Western Digital products.
They make quality products. But so do other manufacturers that honor their warranties without the drama.

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My supplier covers the warranty

18 months with a chance, is better than no warranty.

In the UK the warranty is with the supplier not the manufacture, the supplier should handle the warranty, certainly the first 12 months, and legally longer.

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I need some 25TB disks from North Jersey, :joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Send over some of that world renowned Florida pizza, and we can work out a deal.

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I buy 10TB SAS for $70. Used, of course. Some of them have outside physical damage. I have 80+ of this. All run no problem. Writing is fast. 200 MB/sec.

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Cheaper to buy but twice as expensive to run compared to a 20TB drive, then you need more bays, which means more hardware, costs mount over time.

On average, $15 “housing” cost for each hard drive.

Start looking at deals on these…