Seagate shucked USB drive warranty?

I have a 8TB Seagate USB HDD that I shucked and now has bad sectors. Drive is 2-3 months old, Anyone out there have experience with warranty support on these?

My assumption is that its a door stop now. But wanted to just throw it out there and see if anyone has dealt with this?

I suspect that your warranty is voided.

But before you throw in the towel:
Is the drive recognized by your operating system?
If yes, then format it (not a quick format). A full format will run for a for a few hours. But it should mark the bad sectors as bad, and the rest of the drive should function normally.

Depending on how many sectors are bad, you will have 8 TB minus bad sectors of usable space.

Not, if you live in US. Here is the relevant info - FTC Staff Warns Companies that It Is Illegal to Condition Warranty Coverage on the Use of Specified Parts or Services | Federal Trade Commission

Go you Seagate website, register your drive, and I assume they will show both serial numbers (your drive and your enclosure). Find that enclosure, and call them. They will try to dismiss you, then quote that article, and your RMA will be ready (after a short conversation with the supervisor - on their end).

I will try both ideas! Thank you!

Actually, the new drive has some spare sectors, so initially those spare sectors are used as a replacement. When the disk runs out of those spare sectors, then the size will start dropping. However, most likely at that point your are SOL.

However, bad sectors on a 2-month-old drive are rather hint to get a replacement, as things will not improve.

Get smartctl, and run a long test. My understanding is that long test will try to recover those sectors (i;e., mark as bad ones, and user replacement ones). Also, check SMART table. Usually, when you send SMART info stating that drive has issues, drive manufacturers don’t ask questions anymore.

Usually, when you see bad sectors, and the drive is past warranty, you may want to play with it, as it is a free drive, still good enough for some jobs. However, on a new drive still on warranty, you should replace it.

Yeah. In the US they cannot void your warranty for shucking a drive. If they try to pull this shit over the phone, all you have to do is cite that ruling that was linked above and tell them you want to speak with a manager. They will push the warranty through. This has happened to me. They’ll try to tell you the warranty is void. No telling how many people they screw over like that!?

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Seagate will try to deny the claim, but as others have stated you are still entitled to a replacement. The replacement part will be refurbished, but it will work well.

Unless you got an incredible deal on them I would avoid their external drives. Many of their externals only carry a 1 year warranty, which is abysmal in the HDD market. Back in my burstcoin mining days it was the external seagates that caused me issues

Their enterprise & firecuda SSDs are fantastic though. Many of them carrying 5 year warranties.

The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act is intended to insure that warranties are clear (follow guidelines), and to compel manufacturers to honor their warranties.

However, if, for example, you take your new car to the track every day, and race the ¼ mile, and after 6 months you have engine issues, the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act will not save you.

The Act has no language that covers tampering, which is what Seagate could claim, for a shucked drive.

Manufacturers do not want to be burdened with with repairs or replacements on failures that were caused by tampering or abuse. The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act will not save the customer if the customer did not properly care for the product (if you put the wrong oil in your car, the Act will not help you). And shucking a drive could be deemed as improperly using the product.

Seagate is very good with their warranty obligations, so they might replace the drive.
However, they might not consider a shucked drive as their obligation.

Also consider that even if the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act covers shucked drives (but I suspect it does not), when a manufacturer denies your warranty claim, you would have to take them to court. That would require being fully versed on the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, and specifically how it applies to your claim, or hire an attorney. And that Act will probably not be the only law that the manufacturer will site in court.

On the other hand, if you file court papers, Seagate might decide to send you a drive so that they can make better use of their attorney’s time.

My 14 TB seagate exos had i/o error after 2 months. I send it to the dealer. After a week I have received a new one!
PS: you need the invoice of the disk.

There are people who specialize in buying dead drives and getting the RMA. It’s always worth listing as dead if everything else fails.

Before formatting, I’ve used Spinrite before on drives and had success, but this was long before Chia. I haven’t used it in quite a while now. GRC | Hard drive data recovery software  

The best software for detecting and repairing disk failures is HDD REGENERATOR. I don’t know of any better program. You prepare a usb flash drive and boot the computer with it. You can scan and repair surfaces without any data loss. This process takes a long time.

If the operation fails, restart the computer. Start scanning from the further sectors. Finally, you can detect the good regions and format only those parts. So, you can use the defective disk without any problems.

If the drive is throwing bad sectors than there’s a good chance that this drive has already used the “Extra” blocks and now has nothing to replace them with. What I need is something that will scan the drive and just mark those block to not use. Yes ill loose space, but if I run the drive after that and a new block creeps up then I know without a doubt that the drive is failing (Its most likely is anyways).

I dont want to loose the plots, But… They CAN be Re-plotted… So.

chkdsk /f /r /x /b x:

You can also try another run with “/scan /forceofflinefix /spotfix”

Thank for the info, If I toss in the towl and have to wipe the drive ill try this. Drive is sitting on a linux server so ill try those tools first.

Then install smartctl and run the long test. Also, instead of chkdsk, use fsck and run it with -V and -a and -y flags (verbose, and automatic error fix).

I was going to run “e2fsck -cfpv /dev/sdv1” and forget about it for a few days. Same thing?

Yes, same thing. (20)

depends wich country, even without questions, on refurbished products 6 months and new up to 3-5 years at the EU … but you need an invoice to prove you bought within the warranty period which is regulated

All my drives are hitachi which is actually WD … and I can’t complain

I had 8 of those 8Tb Seagate external HDDs. They are SMR and had various problems with 4 of them. One was even DOA. I haven’t even opened 4 of them, so the failure rate was… 100%

Recently had problems with 2 shucked Seagate 16Tb (Exos). I’m not in the US, still I tried to RMA them through Seagate and they told me “nah, you’ve shucked it, no warranty for you”. Then I contacted the seller (Amazon) and I had 2 new ones in the mail in under 48h, even before sending the old ones. Then Amazon made a mistake and refunded me one of the two, lol. Needless to say, I like Amazon :sweat_smile: