Securing Wallet in dedicated clean machine - your feedbacks/critictisms are welcome

Hi fellow farmers,

I have a spare Mac Mini (2014 model 8GB RAM w/ external SSD) that I would like to use to host my main wallet for 1) storing/receiving all XCH from my farming machine and 2) sending XCH to other wallets for fiat exchange etc.

Initial setup:

  1. Format SSD and internal HDD.
  2. Connect to Ethernet only, disabled Wifi. Only use apple keyboard and trackpad (no third party peripherals and no other USB or thumb drives to avoid any possible malware)
  3. Install latest MacOS Big Sur using Recovery mode.
  4. Download Chia client from, run “shasum -a 256” on the downloaded installer to make sure checksum matches the website’s. Then proceed to install.
  5. Launch Chia client, generate new mnemonic for the main wallet. Write mnemonic on paper only (don’t take picture) and store it in safe (non fire hazard) place.

Daily operation (transfer XCH from farming machine to Mac Mini)

  1. Turn on Mac Mini, launch Chia client, enter mnemonic for main wallet and let it finish syncing.
  2. Go to reward setting to copy the Wallet receive address and share it on Google doc online. This step can be done once and forget it, but it doesn’t hurt to double checks.
  3. Go to farming machine, pull the receive address from Google doc. Send 1 mojo to the receive address. Double check Mac Mini has receive it, once it has received then proceed to send the rest of the mojo.
  4. Delete main wallet key from Mac Mini and shutdown.

Note that payout_instructions setting for pooled plots doesn’t work so I have to manually transfer XCH to Mac Mini.

dont connect it to the internet after generating nmemonic. Copy reward address to a text file and copy it to a brand new USB key. Don’t log into your google account, or any websites.

I did a quick experiment. Disconnect internet, open Chia client and generate mnemonic, copy reward address to text file in usb. Go to farmer machine and send 1 mojo to the reward address successfully. Also I intentionally change 1 digit in the reward address, it said “invalid address”.

It looks like we don’t even need to connect to internet to generate new mnemonic (maybe use chia explorer to double check if there is a dup in the public first), and reward address has self check for invalid digit.

Let me sync and see if I did receive that 1 mojo lol.

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“wallet” is not a thing that stores coins. It does not have to sync for the transaction to happen. It happens on the blockchain, your wallet just lets you see it. You can check the dst address in chia explore if you want to see your balance. Never connect your cold wallet to the internet until you’re ready to spend and make a new one.

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