Seeding continents

Dear Friends, Greetings!

It’s been only 17 days since our Zealy event has been started and 12 days since we’ve launched our Farmer Promotion. Today we are really excited to announce that you are an amazing community, so real and involved!

At the moment, 800 participants have joined us, among which more than 50 people have created their first plot. Honestly, we are delighted with their diligence! Dedicated attitude of yours to the cause deserves sincere respect.

Due to our program, we have met so many interesting people , including YouTube and Medium bloggers, DAO developers and Chia farmers from all over the world . This means that Chia has become known everywhere and its popularity continues to grow!

The latency analyzes (ping) sent by you from all continents to the server of our pool helped us to make important decisions . We’ve launched a dedicated node for the Asian region and now are preparing to launch another node in the United States.

The “Show Us Your Farm” event continues and we are thrilled with the creativity of our farmers! If you want to show us your farm, just log in and share your achievements!

We hope that the next two weeks will be as interesting and positive. Thank you very much for your participation and contribution to the development of our wonderful community!

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Dear idiots, most of us dont want to play your Zealy games cause those are for children. We are not interested for your services, so fuck off and let us alone with our farming.

You should put one node to the moon so aliens could have short ping times. And those fifty person who started to plot on your site are not real Chia farmers. We dont like you so let us be in peace and dont post any messages anywere. Just farm your own plots.