@seedsnapp now accepts AI text prompts!

Tag ‘@seedsnapp’ in a tweet and include the #imagine hashtag followed by your prompt. Seedsnapp will like your tweet and reply with an NFT offer on Dexie a short time later!

Example here

Have fun!

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How are you doing guy, long time no see… Hope everything is well.


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are you using your own laion integration or do you forward to a service?

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Cool stuff. So you you generate AI Art on demand?

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A little bit of both actually - I have a GPU running in the stablehorde.net worker pool, which earns “kudos.” Then when I need to generate an image, I ask the pool (which may or may not run on my GPU). Requests to the pool are prioritized by your “kudos” total. This way, if I get hit with a lot of requests, I can scale out to 40+ GPUs (# currently in the pool) and run parallel tasks!

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sounds really nice. Is that a profitable alternative to gpu mining?

It saves me from purchasing “credits” on cloud-based AI rendering, but I don’t earn tokens or anything. The “kudos” are just a points-based system used to gain higher priority in the queue. I’m basically sharing my GPU so that when I need to render lots of images at once, I go to top of queue and scale out to all GPUs in the farm.

BUT you might look at something like TensorDock: Earn money with your GPUs - I’m sure stuff like this will become more common and may give reason for GPU farmers to keep going.

hmmm im interested in that seedssnap. Would you be up for a head to head comparison? Im using midjourney right now.
And command crafting really is insane. also there are some stuff where its not so good at. mostly living things.

If you are interested, just give me a prompt and ill try to come up with something to the best of my ability. Maybe we can mint an NFT out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you use your own training dataset or is there a pretrained service which you can basically use for free because you provide the GPUs?