Seeking optimal advice

Hello, fellow space farmers,

Can advise me on my settings?

Cpu (8 cores 16 threads) /2 = 12

Ram (64gb) /3400 = 18.823

Temp space 2x(2TB ) (3.6TB available / 256gb = 14.06

I am currently running 8 plots at the same time with 8 powershell windows.
4000 ram 2 threads settings.

Could i do more?

Is my additional 32gb ram and 2tb a wasted resource for my rig of 8 cores 16 threads?

For 8 core 16 threads build, is 2 TB enough?

If yes, i can use the 32gb + 2 TB on another setup. Just need to get 8 cores 16 threads cpu + motherboard n psu.

Pls advise

What is the brand and model of temp space that you are using?

Adata XPG SX8200 pro 2 TB m.2 nvme

Ok. I think you can do 12 plotters at once with 6 on each NVMe. I’m not sure if more plots in parallel will provide more performance though. The SX8200 loses performance once the SLC cache is filled:

You will have to run it and compare your results to 8 in parallel and see if its worth it.

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Yeah that is an important graph. Reinforces my lesson: Always Go Samsung™.

Ok i will try that when i get home. Thank you so much for the advise.

Can i jump on this thread to avoid creating a new one?

Cpu (16 cores 32 threads) /2 = 24

Ram (64gb) /3400 = 18.823

Temp space 1x 4TB (MP510 / TLC) (3.6TB available / 256gb = 14.06

Final space 4x HDD

Interested in stagger, pretty sure i’m going to get bogged down by single temp drive. Got a handful of 2TB SN750’s on the way but wont be here anytime soon (thinking 4 onto a hyper).

Using SWAR i’ve got 4 of the following job configs setup within the yaml for when ram arrives. (each with own final dest hdd). It’s only got a max of 4 concurrent in phase 1 but don’t want to clog up the temp when in phase 3…(?). Even if i went 12 wide, that’s massive on the single temp for ph.3 and 4x3 writes to HDD’s at near enough the same time.

  • name: 1
    max_plots: 999
    temporary_directory: D:\Plotter\1
    destination_directory: E:\hdd1
    size: 32
    bitfield: true
    threads: 4
    buckets: 128
    memory_buffer: 4000
    max_concurrent: 3
    max_concurrent_with_start_early: 4
    stagger_minutes: 60
    max_for_phase_1: 1
    concurrency_start_early_phase: 4
    concurrency_start_early_phase_delay: 0
    temporary2_destination_sync: false

The 4TB temp drive is a bit of a contention point as you have correctly identified. You’ll have to do some trial and error to see how much it can handle before diminishing returns sets in.

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