Seeking plotters?


I’m working with a company that offers farming services to customers. We currently are selling 300-600 TBS worth of farming per month, and are looking to outsource plotting. Is anyone here interested?

The requirements would be:

  • Provisioning dedicated plotting machines
  • Oversee plotting 25-50 HDDs per month (~2750 - 5500 plots per month)
  • Shipping loaded HDDs to our assembler

We would be willing to pay $0.30 per plot and pay for shipping, as well as management software and integration.



There are many offers to plot for you at $.25 a plot or even less.

You are offering to pay for plots and then farm them for the customer? What is the ongoing fee for this service?

What is that?

Where is your website? Your corporate info?

Are you paying in advance for the drives full of plots that you wish people to send you?

Who is farming the plots using whos’s keys?

This appears to be a brand new user with a scam to me.

They’re run a business selling plots I think, but are outsourcing the plotting, if I got it right, took me a min, hence I deleted my first confused post.

For ppl with spare plotters, the can sell plots for 30c basically.

Of course , as always caveat emptor. ( don’t know the Latin for seller beware )!

They want you to send disks full of plots to them and claim that they will farm them for you … If they pay you for the plots then they farm them for you for free, I guess??? :rofl:

To be honest, it confused me first time I read it, I thought I made sense of it, but more than likely I didn’t.

To tired for brain to do alot of good analysis wise.

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I wouldn’t call them a scam right away, there could be farming services like there are asic hosting services. It depends on the prices.

@bobcheese21 are you sending the drives directly to the plotter with a shipping label for return?

Don’t worry, it’s not you.

The post makes no sense because the concept makes no sense.

It makes sense if they are offering colocation for customer plots and they are buying the drives bulk. They just don’t want the capex for the plotters I guess.

It begs the questions : how are they going to proceed in the even of a disk failure? How are they going to upgrade from k32 ? It doesn’t make much sense to not have at least one plotter on the farm.

If my math (per 30 day month) is right, this would require 7day/24hr plotting @ 26-13 min per plot to accomplish. Does not account for lost time to swap disk or for maintenance, so perhaps actual plotting needs to be somewhat faster. Projected plotter revenue $825-$1650/mo less electricity & amortized hwd costs. Not sure what is mgmt sw & integration.

Sounds like a Bladebit only endeavor with excellent up-to-date hardware.

With no response from brand new user bobcheese it’s looking like my first bet was correct, lolz! :crazy_face:

I hope nobody is PMing with this fishy user…

Users farm the plots using their own keys.
We can pay in advance, although I think you’re misunderstanding the request - I’ve updated it to make it more clear that we would be shipping our HDDs to the service provider, the provider would then do the plotting and then ship the drives to our assembler.

Thats exactly correct! I’ve updated the original post to make it more clear.

Not quite - we don’t want to farm for the person who is plotting our disks. We sell devices to users, which come pre-plotted. We’re just looking for someone to help us out with plotting :slight_smile:

Thanks for defending us:)
Yep! We would send the drives to the plotter with a shipping label for return.

Appreciate the callout! Hopefully the updated post / responses on this thread have made it more clear

That is exactly correct

Will try to be faster with replys in the future!

So you are going to send free HDDs to your clients, they plot them with their keys and send the HDDs back to you. You then pay them for the for the plots, provide interface software, and your client can now farm the plots they sent you (on your HDDs) without further payment and without providing you the private key?

What do you get out of it?

What does, “We can” mean? Do you pay in advance or after the plotted drives are returned?

Your offer still makes no sense to me.

You did? You failed.

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No lol, their customers pay them and provide keys.
They then aquire hdd and send them to whoever takes them up on the offer ( that’s what’s being offered here ( we’ll call those ppl ???)) .
They then ship the drives to ??? who plot and return them and get paid 30c per plot.

@bobcheese21 just be carefull you don’t pay up front, ship drives, and never see them again, seems some ppl might just try that.
Why don’t you just search the forum for a plotting business already selling plots, I’m sure you could negotiate a price with them and would no doubt be less risky for you.