Segmentation Fault running ChiaVDF

Hi there,

I was trying to test the execution time for ChiaVDF, setting 2048 as discriminant size, and 7,500,000 as the number of iterations (exponentiations). Nevertheless, the result was a segmentation fault (core dumped) and i don’t know what’s happening. The size of core dump is around 500 MB, that’s another thing that i found strange.

Here is my code:

from chiavdf import create_discriminant, prove, verify_wesolowski

discriminant_challenge = secrets.token_bytes(10)
discriminant_size = 2048
discriminant = create_discriminant(discriminant_challenge, discriminant_size)
form_size = 100
initial_el = b"\x08" + (b"\x00" * 99)
iters = 7500000
result = prove(discriminant_challenge, initial_el, discriminant_size, iters)

I would greatly appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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You might get answers here, but I suggest you take that question to Keybase Chia Team.