Self pooling - claim reward?

I have a 1.75 xhc reward, but when i tried to claim it, i got an error: Cannot claim due to unconfirmed transaction. If this is stuck, delete the unconfirmed transaction.

Should i set the fee bigger than 0?

If the error literally said " delete unconfirmed transactions" did you do that?

Juat wait a couple of hours and it will hit your wallet.
It happened to me a number of times lately. It used to be a matter of seconds to get your pool reward in wallet, but now for some reason it takes more time

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Thanks! Like you said, after couple of hours, the reward was transferred

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Same issue heer… maybe due to the dust storm

Yeah, i think also, that the delays are because of dust storm:

I am having same issue, I have deleted the unconfirmed transaction trasaction (multiple time) and waiting almost a week but I can’t still claim that. Is there another way?

@mumtazali Did you find a resolution?

Yes, I deleted my wallet which resolved the issue. Looks like wallet gets corruopt.