Self-Serve Fully Automated Cloud Plotting Service - HyperPlots

Hi ChiaForum!

We just launched a cloud plotting as a service platform called Hyperplots. We couldn’t find any completely self-service PaaS platforms, so we created our own.

Mailing harddrives seemed a little janky to us since the drives could be damaged in shipping or they could contain malware. That’s why we created fully automated in the cloud.

Paying through PayPal or Crypto also seemed a little janky with a high potential for scams, so we built our platform using Stripe.

Essentially, we removed all human elements of PaaS. The process is completely self-serve and automated. We also built a cool dashboard where you can track your plot’s progress live (screenshot below).

We’re eager to get users, so we’re offering free test plot promo codes! If you’d like a code for a free plot, just leave a comment below. Keep in mind that plotting on the cloud costs us money, so please only ask us for a free plot promo code if you have intentions of purchasing or providing feedback.

If you have any questions, just ask and we’ll try to answer. If you have any feedback, we would also love to hear!


Based feedback, we have decided to lower our pricing to $10 per plot

Very cool that it’s all self service… $15/plot is very very expensive, though.

Edit: there’s a thread i created about the plotting I’m doing on digital ocean for $3/plot… Plotting on Digital Ocean - #7 by farmerfm

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Yikes that is expensive. With just 50 plots from your service I could buy a used Dell server workstation.


Thanks for the feedback, we’re testing different price points and were comparing to what cloud PaaS are charging, which seem to be selling out equal price-points. As far as the cost of plotting, just remember that there are additional costs relating to storage and egress as well as technical knowledge.

We think our platform is pretty neat and a great way for someone who can’t do their own cloud plotting to access it, but will definitely consider dropping price based on this valuable early feedback. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, I’ll gladly send you a promo code via pm :slight_smile:

$15 for a plot
147 plots per 16TB HDD.

Cost of Intel NUC with 2TB NVMe is under $1,100 which churns out close to 30 plots per day. Two of those and I get a filled 16TB in about 3 days, which is about as fast as I can download 16TB of data from you over a 500mbit internet connection. And when I am done plotting that 16TB HDD with my two NUCs, I go ahead and plot another 16TB HDD with no further costs to myself.

It’s a nice idea, and nicely implemented, but the price point is absurd.

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There’s no doubt that owning your own plotting rigs and specialized hardware will be cheaper for people who know what they’re doing. However this requires expertise and time that not all aspiring chia farmers have.

We aim to serve individuals who need lots of plots fast, or who might not have the technical know-how to build and operate high-end plotting rigs.

Did you just come here to troll?? Crypto is so janky you created a service that your advertising here! :poop:

It’s silly to assert that we think that cryptos themselves are janky.

Have a look at some of the frustrations people are experiencing with other plotting services, and consider what kinds of dispute processes exist for crypto payments.

If accepting payment through systems which help shield customers from fraud doesn’t convince you that we’re serious about what we promise, feel free to message us, and we’ll give you a coupon code for a free plot. Try it yourself.

Also where are all these supposed outcry’s? :thinking: Chia has only officially existed for about a month!

I’ve never heard of a crypto based business so unabashedly hostile towards decentralized payment systems (from which Chia takes its inspiration) You’ve totally missed the point! :man_facepalming: Stripe no more shields users from fraud then any other centralized payment network.

Ok, fine, you win. Send us your finest hard drive in the mail, and send us $100USD in BTC, and we pinky swear we’ll send it back full of plots and with no malware.

It looks like a promising service but pricing is expensive. I gather is to cover all costs and make some profit.

There’re several outfits doing this now. for $6.28 per plot. for $20 per tera + postage (yes you have to send in your HDD) for GBP 3.50 per plot

Not sure how reliable are these but serves a guide to you for pricing models.

Thank you for these. We are aware of these competitors and their price points. Our application, as well as the hardware on which it runs is very high-end. We do this to avoid some of the issues that some of these other providers have encountered, such as downtime and scalability issues.

I wouldn’t compare us to any service which requires you to mail a physical drive. In fact, we believe that those kinds of services are potentially dangerous, even if they have a clean track record to date.

We are definitely taking this kind of constructive feedback seriously, and may update our pricing in the future if demand slows. We’ve had a productive last few days, but we’re still playing around with price points.

I think there are a few ever cheaper also provided as PaaS. Take a look at our service, pricing starts at 3.5EUR per plot. But I guess we are not the only one :).

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I feel bad for anyone that uses these services and doesn’t realize they have a silly data cap until they see their internet bill filled with overages. Do you warn people about this before billing them?

It’s the reason I’m not cloud plotting myself.

You actually make a really good point about data caps for some ISPs. We will absolutely add this warning to our marketing material. Thank you.

Well from where I am, there are not data caps.
I pay a flat fee every month and no caps on d/l, u/l.

If a person is in countries like AUS/NZ, good luck. Data cap galore.

Same with much of the US and I’m in one of the worst parts: 1 gigabit speeds, 1 TB data cap :sob: