Sell - British Columbia - Canada

CPU: Ryzen 5950x
Cooler: Noctua NH-D15
Ram: 128GB 3600Mhz
MB: Asus X570-E Gaming
HBA Card
PSU: HX750 Corsair Platinum
GPU: Asus 710
OS: Linux on an SSD
HDD: 18 Seagate 10 TB EXOS X16 HDDs
Case: Fractal Meshify 2 XL
Cooling: Full of fans in every spot to ensure cooling.

Cost based on Memory Express would be about 14K CAD after taxes. Willing to let it go ASAP.

Would you consider just the hdd’s? Also you in GV Region?

I am on Vancouver Island.

Yes: I would consider the HDDs and networking adapters. I have a couple of HBA cards and all the cables.

Is there a way to direct message you?

Yeah I pmed you
Yeah I pmed you

If you’re selling with HBA cards, what models are you offering? Something like a H200 + expander? 16-port plus some motherboard SATA ports?