Selling 1170 Plots - 250€

Hello, I have 1170 Plots at dedicated server for sale. Plots can be downloaded a 1Gbps speed, that will take approximately 10-11 Days, if your Internet is fast enough.
Server contract is expires at 05.07, so there is still 16 days left. Can do.
0,21 Euro for a plot is a good deal.

Seeing them go is tough, I feel your pain.

I wouldn’t delete my very own plots to make space for your plots just because they are cheap. No.

And, sadly, I may not buy more disks just for your plots, again, because they are cheap. No.

The reason you can’t keep them and why people don’t want to buy them is the same.

May be someone wants to start small chia farm and don’t want to Invest in plotting hardware. And it is 4x times cheaper then cloud plotting. It may work for some cases.
And yes, the fact, that 1,5 month of plotting will soon be deleted, makes me uncomfortable.

May be for 150€ ? Anyone?

What’s about EUR 50 ?, Paypal ?

I need to pay 50 Euro for 100TB traffic for the server. So it should be at least 100. Paypal - yes.

It is still available now ?, What’s about 30 euros ?

Only 6 days left… please give for me, for only 30 EUR

As I said, you need to pay 50 Euro not me but Datacenter for 100 Tb Traffic. Howewer it may be less, bacuse of less days left. If you pay anything else for me, we are fine. If you are ok with that, I will ask Datacenter.

To get 1000 Plots in a month! you need to invest at least 2000€ in PC Hardware. I have paid 1720€ for Dedicated server in Data Center. So when you decide between 20 and 30 Euro it is just funny. You know, that kind of funny when you want to cry.