Selling 2.62 USD per plot or automation plotting system on AWS

Hi, I’m Lautaro Account Manager at TheEye.

We are a process automation company. We automated chia plotting on AWS.

We are offering both, the plot service and also our plotting automation, so you can run it on your own AWS, or in your hardware by yourself.

About the security in both scenarios we are a serious company and we only work with public keys, ssh for plot delivering and public farmer / pool keys.

Plot service:

Cost per plot transfer occurring inside AWS is 2.62 usd per plot.

Cost per plot transferring outside AWS, less than 1000 plots is 10.78 usd each.

Cost per plot transfering outside AWS, more than 1000 plots is 6.7 usd each.

Automation Service:

Harvester setup Fee is 4.5k usd one shot in both scenarios AWS or your own servers, this includes: providing our AMI and setup in your AWS platform with the auto-scaling configuration. If you want to roll this automation in your own datacenter It includes the installation and automation, once it is done you can create a snapshot, and all the script needs it for doing this in parallel we’ll be provided by us. For both scenarios, our automation includes fine tuning for a month and plot transfering automation.

All the harvesters are orchestrated by our Platform which costs 30usd per month per harvester: This enables you to handle your harvesters without technical knowledge and without having to connect through command line., just use our platform.

If you also need us to automate your farming server, Its 1.5k usd which includes the ssh/rsync configuration.

Please let me know if you are interested, thanks in advance.

If you have a question you can contact me by email o use this forum.