Selling 2.6PiB complete farm (EU) invoice

Selling whole farm 2.6PiB 20U rack with cables and everything.
You will get invoice for the purchase, EU vat free if you own EU company.
Located in EU (Romania).

2x HP Proliant DL380 G9 2U 14 3.5ā€ LFF
4x Supermicro JBOD Storage 19" 4U 45x HotSwap 3,5" LFF
Most hdds are 16TB, aprox 3 years guarantee remaining. The rest are 12 and 14TB.
18 hdd slots still free to fill

Price for all equipment? Without VAT, i have company in EU

Can you ship to NL in Einhoven?
I want 36 x 16TB hdds

or are you selling entire lot? if so how much?
Im american so I dont know about vat but I have a colo in Einhoven, do I need to pay vat?

Hi, Iā€™m interested in buying everything. Add me on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram +37060728892 (LTU)