Selling 2000 plots on Harddisks / Europe (Germany)

Hi there,
As my wife complains about the mess in the living room I am unfortunately forced to sell my tiny chia farm :frowning:
Right now it is at 1600 plots, currently plotting around 80 a day. Capacity is good enough for a total of more than 2000 plots at k=32.
The plots come with the private key (which i will delete on my side) and most of them are on 8TB external usb3 enclosures.
Express shipping from Germany is possible. Please contact me via pm with your offer.


sad to ear that :frowning:

selling your current plots with mnemonic key, will be risky to buy.

imo would be better if you build plots for others and sell them with they keys, and ship them the drives.

if you can do 80 per day you can easely fill one 8TB/day.

(wait till polls come out, so you can plot with pool support xD )

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Farming can be done to a different address as the one that is based on the key that comes with the plots.
I don’t think that’s too risky as the buyer will probably re-plot for pool support anyway.
So depending on your plot speed you will get the 2000 plots immediately and you can re-plot them one by one.

But yes, I would be open to re-plot the disks using a key you supply and ship them in batches once full (?).

Hello, interested in you offer, how can we talk?

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I just finished plotting the 2000 plots. The farm is still available for sale.

I think its a good way to extend or double your farm size as it gets impossible to buy decent priced harddisks here in germany (if you get any at all) :slight_smile:

I might be selling one of my plotting rigs as well (Xeon E5 2960, 32GB ECC RAM, 3x 1TB NVME) if the seller is interested :slight_smile: