Selling 2TB SSD after plotting (EU)

Hi. I am selling 6 Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus all after plotting with health status 40-60%, writes is near 600TB. No errors and problems and speeds as it was on new. I can send it in EU

Waiting for your bids in topic or just PM me, but sell all 6 drives in one hands only. I can accept USDT, Paypal or XCH. They will be good for PS4 or other not so important things (or just work with backups). Cheers :beers:

What country and what price for bundle? I m from Poland

Germany, 500 euro. It’s not problem to send it via DHL.

The Rocket 4 Plus is a PCI-E 4 drive, why are yours only showing PCI-E 3 for the transfer rate?

Caught my eye primarily because I’m running a 2TB version of that model of NVME drive in my primary machine as the boot/system drive.