Selling Chia Farm: 1452 TB (24339 x NoSSD C14 plots) [Raleigh, NC, US]

Capacity: 1452 TB (110 SATA drives, mixed brands, mixed series, with warranty, without warranty)
Plot: 24339 x NoSSD C14
Used: 3 years

Videocard: ZOTAC RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge OC LHR
Cpu: i9-10850K
Ram: 32 GB (4 x 8GB)
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z490-A

NVME: 1 x 2.0 TB Sabrent (RKT343.4)
NVME: 1 x 1.0 TB Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1TB (RKT401.3)

PSU (farm): 4 x Corsair RM850x
PSU (pc): 1 x ARESGAME AGK850

SAS: 1 x Oracle SAS 9300-8e
SAS Expander: 4 x Adaptec SAS Expander 82885T

SATA Expander: 1 x 20 Port PCIe x1 (I don’t know why some drives doesn’t work with SAS Expander)

Price: $11,000 (full setup)
If you interested text me: (919) 264-00-30

Nice Chia Farm, reasonably priced setup IMO for the HDDs items listed if my numbers are accurate below:

  • 32x 14TB = 448TB (31%)

  • 21x 18TB = 378TB (26%)

  • 21x 10TB = 210TB (14%)

  • 20x 8TB = 160TB (11%)

  • 16x 16TB = 256TB (18%)

                   1,452TB @ $7.57 per TB
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Consumed How many watts per hour

Consumption: approx. 1 kWh

For what reason you decided using C14, not C15?

Wilmington NC is how far from you? Thanks!

In my opinion, it’s better to buy more drives than a more expensive video card.
140 miles (2 and half hours).

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There’s that seesaw balance between adding more video cards/other ancillary equipment when the main task is to grow one’s den of HDDs as cheaply as possible. Unless your already a sm/med size data center participating:

  • in the beginning to grow rapidly

  • now somewhat steady growth

  • or simply cash-out/cut any losses

Knowing when to sell or merge perhaps grow via acquisitions of neighbor’s farm is challenging during the holidays plus desire to travel during the winter instead of buying more HDDs. Lol

I like the fact that your farm is on wheels already to go. Go selling point!

I’m 30%…to doing the deal since I’m in Knightdale not too far from Raleigh, NC. But that money is ear mark for a winter trip still very temping. Chat GPT recommended talking to a friend first and “think about my personal enjoyment and well-being first!?!”

Full setup - $10,000
Only HDDs - $9,000

Sold, sold, sold, sold