Selling Chia Farm - 803 TiB [NC-USA]

Hi folks,

I’ve been mining chia for quite a while, and I’ve decided to turn off/sell off the farm. Factors include no longer wanting to passively run it as well as an upcoming move across the country. I’ll admit this isn’t the cleanest rig… I had a lot of fun building it all; however, it probably isn’t the most optimal or efficient. Here is a list of approximately all the stuff included:

6 Harvesters
PC Case: 5 x Fractal Define R5; 1 x Phanteks Enthoo Pro)
CPUs: 3 x i9-10850ks, 1 x i5-10600k, 1 x Ryzen 5 1600, 1 x 3950x
CPU Coolers: mix of 240-280mm CPU coolers
SSDs: 7 x 2 TB SSDs (mostly Samsung 870 EVO), 2 x 1 TB SSD
RAM: 1 x 16 (8+8) GB pair; 4 x 32 (16+16) GB pair; 1 x 64 (16 x 4) GB pair
Docking Stations: 4 x 4-bay docking stations for HDDs (open); 2 x 4-bay docking stations enclosed; 1 x 5 bay docking station enclosed (all sabrents)
HDDs = approximately 886 TB worth of HHDs (mostly 8 TBs, handful of 10/12/14 TBs)

I know this is a ton of stuff, so any interested buyer, I’m happy to do a video call or something that helps show everything I have.

Priority goes to buyer willing to purchase entire rig. I’m open to offers/negotiation, but I’d like to start at $8000 for the entire set-up. Preference to local pick-up; however, I am open to shipping if we split the cost since this is a ton of stuff.

Local: Fayetteville, NC


Photo of my Chia Dashboard:

Hello, I use Servers & NetApps instead of docking stations, but if you’re open to selling the larger capacity drives, let me know. I’m also interested in 2 of your Samsung 870 EVO SSD’s. I live in Myrtle Beach, so we are fairly close to each other. The harvester that the Ryzen 3950x is in, is that system PCIe 4? Are any of the harvesters PCIe 4?

@CrytoVibe Good morning - right now, I am going to hold off and see if anyone is interested in purchasing the whole rig. If I don’t get a buyer within the next week or so, I’ll be opening to part out the system. Also open to negotiation since my initial $8000 is not firm.

Regarding your question on system PCIe4s, all motherboards are PCIe4s. MOBOs include Z490 Aorus Ultra, X470 Gaming Plus Max, Z590-Plus TUF Gaming, and ASRock X570 Taichi.

I appreciate your interest!

OK, I totally understand. If it doesn’t go, I’m interested in the larger drives & SSD’s. The mobo’s would not work for me, because I want to setup a dedicated plotter, that uses 256GB ram through 8 DIMM’s to get the full speed out of something like the Ryzen 3950x for GPU plotting. How many do you have of:

10 TBs -
12 TBs -
14 TBs -

All my HDD’s are 20TBs, but if you’re price is good on the larger drives if they don’t sell, I might be interested in them.

Slight problem, 3950X only supports a maximum of 128GB

Yes, I went through the mobo specs earlier. They are all PCIe 4, but they don’t support 256GB ram. The CPU could of course & if you do have 256, you need it in 8 DIM’s to get the full speed. I was looking at workstations that have 8 DIMMs, so unfortunately your mobos / harvesters would not work for what I want to do. If you do end up parting out your system, I’m interested in the 870 SSD’s & the larger drives.

Thank you for your responses,

Not that it matters, but you’re /way/ over provisioned on the harvesters.


UPDATED: 9.14.23: $750 price reduction, would like $7250 for the whole farm; open to negotiation

Priority for me is to sell the whole thing rather than part out still. Thanks for your consideration!

sold. no longer available

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