Selling Chia to convert XCH to dollars

Is there a document or instructions someplace that can tell me how to turn my farmed XCH into $.
I assume I need to move my farmed XCH from my Chia wallet to another wallet such as Coinbase so it can be sold and then sent to my bank account. Coinbase does not support XCH. So I would like some help on how to accomplish this.

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Choose an exchange, create account, deposit xch, sell xch for coin of your choice.
Move coin of your choice to coinbase, sell for fiat, withdraw fiat to bank.

Jusr be carefull if you choose tether, someone lost coin sending it on the wrong network.


I trade my XCH out on Kucoin for other coins. I think I went XCH-USDT, then USDT-whatever last round. For $$ you could buy Litecoin or something cheap to transfer that Coinbase accepts and go from there.

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Also I believe offers were literally built for this, assuming everything is working. USDS a regulatory compliant multi-blockchain stablecoin by Stably after getting USDS on dexie - Chia DEX for Offer Files or other offer situation. It’s a lower volume solution, I have been looking at it, but haven’t jumped in myself.


The lack of clarity for such a simple question says to me why there are few new Chia farming entrants. Any GPU miners are looking for something sensible. The fact there isn’t really a current video or legit source says something as well. Who wants to cash out their XCH? That doesn’t matter. One has to ask themselves why this would be so painful to accomplish. Turning XCH into FIAT illustrates that it’s too complicated right now for mainstream anything. Mainstream adoption as it were. A current YouTube video that simple show one or two options for turning XCH into FIAT? Is that asking too much? Maybe, just maybe someone wants to pay their hydro bill with their XCH. Crypto is supposed to represent freedom. Not jail bars.


I think there are videos!
Im not about to start watching them as i know what im doing, but a simple google search found alot.

And theres info on the forum if ppl just look for it.

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