Selling custom made chia servers in india


We’re building and selling custom Chia Plotting hardware, Servers, pre-plotted (portable), and new 14 and 16 TB hard drives in India.

Server Mining Hardware


14 TB WD Hardrive (with 5 years warranty)

Intel XION 2*1

128 GB RAM

Payment in crypto accepted.

Feel free to reach out for any queries.

Interesting …

How do you keep all of those densely packed HDDs cool?

I see the four fans sending hot air from the interior over 3 layers of drives and out the rear. The fans do appear hefty, but I am doubtful they are up to the task if the racks are full.

Please correct me if you have data.

I dont think 14 GB hard drives would get too hot.
I jest, that is surely a typo.

it’s 14 TB* yes it was a typo

They are industry-grade fans. the temperature has not been an issue with 4 fans - at full capacity they are enough to keep the insides cool

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There are many similar chassis from SuperMicro brand. They pack high density at the expense of high quality hardware. Those depicted fans are industrial grade units that push a lot of air (and must be pretty loud).

Example: SSG-540P-E1CTR45L | 4U | SuperServer | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.

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