Selling JBODs loaded with HDDs

I have a few JBODs filled with HDDs I am looking to sell

Two separate models (multiple of each):
Lenovo 60 Bay JBOD filled with 58x 8TB HDDs and 2x 200GB SSDs: $3,995
IBM 60 Bay JBOD filled with 58x 4TB HDDs and 2x 200GB SSDs: $1,995

Will listen to offers

I can pay for shipping within the Continental US and can discuss options for international shipping.

These were used in a data center environment previously

Thanks for looking!

What type of drives sas or sata? What part of the county are tou shipping from?


Thanks for sharing.
Could you send me all the details on my email :
Some pictures may be needed as well.

What Lenovo and IBM JBOD are we talking about ? I would need their reference. Thanks

SAS, shipping from Minnesota

0796-HCH w/ HUH728080AL520 8TB

0796-HCG w/ HUH728080AL520 8TB

0796-HC5 w/ ST4000NM0023 4TB

0796-HC6 w/ ST4000NM0023 4TB

Sent you an email, Let me know if you have any more questions

Still available!

any idea what shipping to Europe would be like

What is a postal code, and how many? I can get an estimate.

can I get a quote for all 4

I can do 4x JBODs on a pallet, shipping that to the Netherlands would be about $1k.

I have 12 of these jbods in total, 8 have the 4tb drives in them and 4 have the 8tb drives in them

I can send you some additional pictures of the ones you would be most interested in.


Those are some nice drives

you wouldnt happen to have a number of spare parts available do you?

I need 1 set of rails, 2 de6600 controller modules and a (Dell MD3060e) front panel

also If possible if you have any “Dell 63T9G Powervault MD3060E 3.5” Drive Trays" available