Selling one harvester $800

I am selling one of my harvester / slow plotter. It has being configured and running 24/7 for three months. Very stable. I am working on consolidating my hardware and making things more organized so I am selling some bigger machines.

The core of this harvester is a HP Z210. Spec list below

CPU = Xeon E3 1230 (4/8)

Memory = 16GB

Some kind good video card for Z210’s time. This Xeon CPU has no on board video so there must be a video card.

Motherboard has 6 SATA ports.

One two port PCI-e SATA card

Total 8 hard drives. One 250 GB for system. Three 3TB Hitachi. Two 4TB Hitachi. Two 6TB WD.

Total 29TB for Chia.

One air cooled 5 hard drive cage fit in the three 5.25 slot of the case. Case has three internal 3.5 slot. So eight hard drives is the most it can fit.

USB 3.0 PCI-e card two port. Z210 itself has no USB 3.0

With a Crucial P5 NVMe in one of the x4 slot, It can do one Mad Max plot (Windows 10) every 110-115 minutes. That is 12 plots a day.

It is running none stop in my chia farm. I hooked up as much as 13 external hard drive on it by USB. Also it does plotting none stop to feed hard drives. Hard drives in there are not new. They all running well.

I am selling this 29 TB rig (no NVMe SSD) for $800. I can fill this rig with your plot (total 260ish plots). It will takes me a week to finish.

I am in USA Philadelphia area.

As you know I’m a fan of HP Z work stations as you can kinda not kill them :stuck_out_tongue:

Your price tag is good imho, if you would have lived way closer would have bought it though I prefer minimum Z400’s, the vid card I asume it’s a nvidia quadro (sadly those are a no go for crypto mining, even as they are enterprise cards)

You really remodelled it good with the 5.25" cage to add more HDD’s and yea USB 3.x ports

For a person that wants to buy this, Z workstations -however I have never had a Z210 but bigger models- they are made to work 24/7 , they simply don’t break… at least not at my end

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The Xeon E3 1230 in Z210 is maybe equivalent to second generation i7. I have a Z230 with i7 4770. I feel the older Xeon is little faster. If I buy again I will look for a Z220 with E3 1275 v2. It was rare. I want to have Z220 just because it has three 5.25 bays. later Z2xx has only two bays.

Yes Z210 video card is nvidia quadro, 300 or 200. I really don’t want to have a video card.

Right things for you. Currently on eBay. Dirt cheap. Half of the market price at least even as barebone.

Really barebone as they are untested and the HDDs have been pulled from all. I bet they would take an even lower offer.

This doesn’t worth more than 20-50eur per machine.

Yeah. Basic complete and tested Z2XX is selling at $150+ on eBay. SFF (small form factor) version is cheaper but if we do Chia we better have MT version. Since Chia started people were looking for Z4XX because there are a lot hard drive ports on the motherboard, 6 SATA plus 4 SAS. For Chia, HP Z is better than Dell Precision series because the case is more generic so it can accept more hard drive.

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