Selling plots at $0.75 a plot - with big discounts for larger orders!

Hey everybody!
I’ve filled up all my drives, (still no wins yet :frowning:) so I’m currently selling plots for a starting price of $0.75 a plot. I’ve got heaps of compute capacity - 15TB a day - and I’ll gladly provide a great price for any larger orders :grinning:
All plots will be hosted on Wasabi for 10Gb/sec downloads & payment is via any means convenient to you (crypto, PayPal, etc.)
I will have support for plotting pool plots as soon as the protocol officially launches this week, so get in touch if you want to replot for pools - I can help with that.
Example prices:
1TB - $7.5
10TB - $65 - 15% off!
20TB - $120 - 20% off!
50TB - $250 - 33% off!
100TB - $450 - 40% off!
Happy to organise any other prices - shoot me an email for a free quote.
You can find me on
GitHub (contributor to the MadMax plotter): @VertiHydro
Discord (find me in the Flexpool server!): SebM#2797

How long are the plots available for download?

Hey @luckidog! I can make the plots available for up to a month at the moment - let me know if you need any more than that and I’m sure I can figure something out.
Edit: scratch that - checked with my cloud storage provider - should be able to do 90 days easy.

Who is paying for the Wassabi storage?

I’m paying for Wasabi storage, but if you want long-term storage (i.e. one month or greater), I would assume you were needing this because of a slower internet connection. That’s fair enough, and in that case I would host the plots on 1Fichier because they have cheaper pricing (just not 10Gig speeds, probably more like 1Gig). I quoted Wasabi in my original post for anyone who needs absolute maximum speed - something that Wasabi specialises in. 1Fichier, however, has a limit of 60 days on undownloaded files, at which point they get moved to cold storage (of which I only get 100TB). Hence, 90 days - the 60 day limit plus an extra 30 days of wiggle room for you before I start to fill up my cold storage quota too much.
Hope that makes sense!

Bookmarking to return when pool plots are available!

Sounds good! I’ll post a comment here when I’m ready to plot for pools - probably sometime today (Australia & Europe time) or tomorrow (US time).

:exploding_head: It’s finally here! Chia version 1.2.0 has just launched, and as such I’m now able to offer plots for pools! @mmmining and anybody else interested, shoot me an email and let the plotting commence!

Have you considered that what you’re charging for plots is less than what you’ll have to pay Wassabi for the storage?

Upon further examination, @luckidog is right. Thanks to Wasabi’s ‘minimum storage duration’, it isn’t economical to store large volumes of data that are only downloaded once and then deleted. As such, the storage of these plots will be on Amazon S3 until I run out of AWS credits, after which all customers can download from 1Fichier. Hopefully this won’t happen for a while - I’ve got 5k in AWS credits so should be able to host at least 75TB or so. (Bandwidth pricing is very expensive!)
Thanks @luckidog for bringing this to my attention.

No problem. You’ve worked out that it costs $9 per plot to download from S3 right?

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Yup. Nasty, I know - but not much I can do about that. Fortunately most people don’t have workload where they have to download hundreds of 100GB files… except Chia farmers.

Looking at the 1Fichier site I noticed the maximum file size for sending is 100 GB - Chia plots are 108.877 GB… does that work? [total transparency, I work for Wasabi]

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Hey @drewatwasabi! Good question - but I’m not entirely sure where you got that information, because as per 1Fichier’s site (, the max file size is 300GB per file, even for a free account (although all customers would be provided with a premium account to maximise download speed).

Seems I found an older page on their site - 1Fichier - Premium Account - sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

No worries! It is very confusing - when you google “1Fichier premium account” your link is the first one that comes up - even though it’s not from the official domain! Just all very odd.

Hello everybody! I have recently brought another plotter online and expanded my daily plotting capacity to 23TB/day. Contact me if you want to replot for pools - I can get it done quickly and easily!

Hello all! Quick update: from now on, all new orders will be hosted on 1Fichier. Rest assured that download speeds will remain high - up to 5Gb/s. All customers will be provided with the login details for their own premium account to maximise download speeds.

I’ve got some drives showing up in the next day or two. What all do you need from us to start plotting?

Hey @mmmining! All I need from you is the quantity required, your farmer public key, and your pool NFT contract address (if you want pool plots). Feel free to contact over PM or email if you want to order some.